How does Strossle measure impressions?

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We strive to only measure viewable impressions. Today, we count an impression as soon as a recommendation (article or ad) is in-view on the users device.

For publishers we also count widget impressions. A widget can consist of one or many recommendations (articles and ads).

  • If you as publisher has a widget with 2 ads and 4 articles and all of those recommendations comes in-view to a user, we will have counted 2 ad impressions, 4 article impressions and a single widget impression.
  • If only 1 of the ads and 2 of the articles comes in-view to the user, we will still count a single widget impression but in this case only 1 ad impression and 2 article impressions.

Upcoming changes

We aim to improve our measurement of viewable impressions. In the past, widgets implemented through iframes consistently reported too many viewable impressions. We mean to improve measurement of iframe widgets to only count impressions when a widget, ad- or article recommendation is truly in-view to the user.

As part of these changes we will adhere to the MRC viewable impression measurement guidelines and only count impressions when:

  • More than or equal to 50% of the pixels in the recommendation were on an in-focus browser tab on the viewable space of the browser page
  • The time the pixel requirement is met was greater than or equal to one continuous second, post recommendation render.

Consequence of upcoming changes

Our measurement of viewable impressions will improve dramatically. Our data indicate that once we switch to the new way of measuring viewable impressions, we will only count around half as many impressions as we do today, greatly improving the precision of our reporting. This also means that:

  • Number of reported impressions will decrease
  • CTR on ad-, article- and widget impressions will increase
  • Current CPM rates will increase

Timeline upcoming changes

Improved viewable impression tracking will be made available on the 9th of June, 2021, for v2 widgets.

Also v1 widgets and API integrations will be updated to support our improved viewable impression tracking, stay tuned for exact dates.

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