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Marketplace Core Concepts

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In this article we will go through the 4 main concepts you want to be aware of working with Strossle Marketplace.


When you are granted access to the Strossle Platform you are assigned to a group. This is usually the company you work for but can also be a client of your company or a group within your organization.


When you create a Campaign you also connect it to one of the Advertisers you have access to. If you only have access to a single Advertiser, the connection is managed automatically. It is perfectly fine to connect all campaigns to a single Advertiser, e.g. the company you work for.

Ad Set

Ad Sets make up the settings for your ad. On Ad Set level you define targeting (e.g. category, geolocation, device), budget (e.g. price per click) and volume (e.g. number of clicks you want to buy). You can create multiple Ad Sets per campaign, for instance you might want a different price depending on what targeting you have selected for your Ad Sets.

Ad Creative

Ad Creatives determine the look and feel of your ad. On Ad Creative level you select what image to use, write a headline and define what landing page users will go to when clicking your ad. You can have multiple Ad Creatives per Ad Set.

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