Targeting Article Categories

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The Categories field in Marketplace refer to what type of article categories you wish to target. Articles are automatically categorized using a superset (extended version) of the IAB taxonomy.

The Categories field support the top 2 levels of the 5 level deep IAB taxonomy meaning that you can target e.g. Sports (level 1), Extreme sports (level 2) but not Climbing (level 3).

Currently we limit the taxonomy to 2 levels as targeting on a lower levels give you very limited reach. If you are experiencing issues getting impressions when using category targeting you can:

  1. Try broadening your category selection. Typically using more top level categories will increase the reach of your ad.
  2. Try to boost the CTR of your ad by testing alternative images or headlines for your ad creatives. If you are running CPC campaigns, CTR is important for the priority of your ad.
  3. Try to increase the price. Detailed targeting means fewer available impressions. By increasing your price your ad will gain higher priority and win more of the available impressions.

How to use categories

On ad set level in Marketplace you will find the Categories field in the Targeting section. Simply select what categories you wish to target.

We recommend that at least your first campaign starts out without targeting any categories. In the detailed campaign report you will be able to observe what article categories your campaign performed well on.

After a couple of days you can start narrowing down to e.g. the top 10 first level categories.

If reach continues to be good after another couple of days you can limit the campaign to even fewer categories, e.g. by starting to select from second level categories.

If you start to run into issues with the reach (number of impressions) you can try broadening number of selected categories again until you find a good balance.

By the time you are setting up your second campaign you will have a good idea of what article categories work well for you and you can target those categories even from the start of the campaign. Continue to observe performance of categories and experiment with new categories from time to time.

Supported languages

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Slovak
  • Swedish

Supported categories

Category Level 1 Category Level 2
automotive auto body styles
automotive auto buying and selling
automotive auto insurance
automotive auto parts
automotive auto recalls
automotive auto rentals
automotive auto repair
automotive auto safety
automotive auto shows
automotive auto technology
automotive auto type
automotive car culture
automotive dash cam videos
automotive motorcycles
automotive road-side assistance
automotive scooters
books and literature art and photography books
books and literature best-sellers
books and literature biographies
books and literature children's literature
books and literature comics and graphic novels
books and literature cookbooks
books and literature e-books
books and literature essays
books and literature fiction
books and literature literary awards
books and literature mythology
books and literature poetry
books and literature reference books
books and literature textbooks
books and literature travel books
books and literature young adult literature
business and finance business
business and finance economy
business and finance industries
careers apprenticeships
careers career advice
careers career planning
careers contracts
careers job search
careers remote working
careers retirement
careers scholarships
careers temporary agencies
careers unemployment
careers unions
careers vocational training
education adult education
education art history
education college education
education early childhood education
education educational assessment
education homeschooling
education homework and study
education language learning
education online education
education primary education
education private school
education secondary education
education special education
events and attractions amusement and theme parks
events and attractions awards shows
events and attractions bars and restaurants
events and attractions beauty contest
events and attractions business expos and conferences
events and attractions casinos and gambling
events and attractions cinemas and events
events and attractions circus
events and attractions comedy events
events and attractions concerts and music events
events and attractions fan conventions
events and attractions fashion events
events and attractions festival
events and attractions historic site and landmark tours
events and attractions malls and shopping centers
events and attractions museums and galleries
events and attractions musicals
events and attractions national and civic holidays
events and attractions nightclubs
events and attractions outdoor activities
events and attractions parks and nature
events and attractions party supplies and decorations
events and attractions personal celebrations and life events
events and attractions political events
events and attractions religious events
events and attractions sporting events
events and attractions theater venues and events
events and attractions zoos and aquariums
family and relationships bereavement
family and relationships dating
family and relationships divorce
family and relationships eldercare
family and relationships gay life
family and relationships marriage and civil unions
family and relationships parenting
family and relationships senior living
family and relationships single life
fine art art restoration
fine art costume
fine art dance
fine art design
fine art digital arts
fine art fine art painting
fine art fine art photography
fine art fine art sculpture
fine art modern art
fine art opera
fine art theater
food and drink alcoholic beverages
food and drink barbecues and grilling
food and drink cooking
food and drink desserts and baking
food and drink dining out
food and drink fast food
food and drink food allergies
food and drink food movements
food and drink frozen food
food and drink healthy cooking and eating
food and drink non alcoholic beverages
food and drink slow food
food and drink vegan diets
food and drink vegetarian diets
food and drink world cuisines
healthy living children's health
healthy living fitness and exercise
healthy living men's health
healthy living nutrition
healthy living senior health
healthy living weight loss
healthy living wellness
healthy living women's health
hobbies and interests antiquing and antiques
hobbies and interests arts and crafts
hobbies and interests beekeeping
hobbies and interests birdwatching
hobbies and interests boats and watercrafts
hobbies and interests cigars
hobbies and interests collecting
hobbies and interests content production
hobbies and interests games and puzzles
hobbies and interests genealogy and ancestry
hobbies and interests inventors and patents
hobbies and interests magic and illusion
hobbies and interests model toys
hobbies and interests musical instruments
hobbies and interests paranormal phenomena
hobbies and interests radio control
hobbies and interests sci-fi and fantasy
hobbies and interests singing
hobbies and interests workshops and classes
home and garden gardening
home and garden home appliances
home and garden home entertaining
home and garden home improvement
home and garden home security
home and garden house care
home and garden indoor environmental quality
home and garden interior decorating
home and garden landscaping
home and garden luxury homes
home and garden outdoor decorating
home and garden remodeling and construction
home and garden smart home
medical health cosmetic medical services
medical health diseases and conditions
medical health healthcare
medical health medical tests
medical health medicine
medical health pharmaceutical drugs
medical health sports medicine
medical health surgery
medical health vaccines
movies action and adventure movies
movies animation movies
movies comedy movies
movies crime and mystery movies
movies documentary movies
movies drama movies
movies family and children movies
movies fantasy movies
movies horror movies
movies indie and arthouse movies
movies romance movies
movies science fiction movies
movies world movies
music and audio adult album alternative
music and audio adult contemporary music
music and audio alternative music
music and audio blues
music and audio children's music
music and audio classic hits
music and audio classical music
music and audio college radio
music and audio comedy music and audio
music and audio contemporary hits/pop/top 40
music and audio country music
music and audio dance and electronic music
music and audio gospel music
music and audio hip hop music
music and audio inspirational/new age music
music and audio jazz
music and audio oldies/adult standards
music and audio reggae
music and audio religious music and audio
music and audio rhythm and blues/soul/funk
music and audio rock music
music and audio songwriters/folk
music and audio soundtracks, TV and showtunes
music and audio sports radio
music and audio talk radio
music and audio urban contemporary music
music and audio variety music and audio
music and audio world/international music
news and politics crime
news and politics disasters
news and politics espionage and intelligence
news and politics international news
news and politics law
news and politics local news
news and politics national news
news and politics politics
news and politics society
news and politics weather
personal finance consumer banking
personal finance financial assistance
personal finance home utilities
personal finance personal taxes
personal finance retirement planning
personal finance saving
pets animal welfare
pets birds
pets cats
pets dogs
pets fish and aquariums
pets large animals
pets pet adoptions
pets pet supplies
pets reptiles
pets veterinary medicine
pop culture celebrity deaths
pop culture celebrity families
pop culture celebrity homes
pop culture celebrity pregnancy
pop culture celebrity relationships
pop culture celebrity scandal
pop culture celebrity style
pop culture humor and satire
real estate apartments
real estate developmental sites
real estate hotel properties
real estate houses
real estate industrial property
real estate land and farms
real estate low income housing
real estate office property
real estate real estate buying and selling
real estate real estate renting and leasing
real estate retail property
real estate vacation properties
religion and spirituality agnosticism
religion and spirituality alternative religions
religion and spirituality astrology
religion and spirituality atheism
religion and spirituality buddhism
religion and spirituality christianity
religion and spirituality hinduism
religion and spirituality islam
religion and spirituality judaism
religion and spirituality sikhism
religion and spirituality spirituality
science biological sciences
science chemistry
science engineering
science environment
science genetics
science geography
science geology
science mathematics
science physics
science social science
science space/astronomy
shopping children's games and toys
shopping comparisons engines
shopping coupons and discounts
shopping ecommerce
shopping flower shopping
shopping gifts and greetings cards
shopping grocery shopping
shopping holiday shopping
shopping household supplies
shopping lotteries and scratchcards
shopping sales and promotions
shopping second-hand market
sports american football
sports archery
sports australian rules football
sports auto racing
sports badminton
sports baseball
sports basketball
sports beach volleyball
sports bobsled
sports bodybuilding
sports bowling
sports boxing
sports cheerleading
sports college sports
sports cricket
sports curling
sports cycling
sports darts
sports disabled sports
sports diving
sports dog sled
sports equine sports
sports extreme sports
sports fantasy sports
sports fencing
sports field hockey
sports figure skating
sports fishing
sports go kart
sports golf
sports gymnastics
sports handball
sports hunting/shooting
sports ice hockey
sports ice skating
sports inline skating
sports lacrosse
sports martial arts
sports olympic sports
sports poker and professional gambling
sports polo
sports rodeo
sports roll hockey
sports roller skating
sports rowing
sports rugby
sports sailing
sports skeleton
sports skiing
sports snooker/pool/billiards
sports soccer
sports softball
sports sports equipment
sports squash
sports swimming
sports table tennis
sports tennis
sports track and field
sports trekking
sports volleyball
sports walking
sports water polo
sports weightlifting
sports wrestling
style and fashion beauty
style and fashion body art
style and fashion children's clothing
style and fashion designer clothing
style and fashion fashion trends
style and fashion high fashion
style and fashion luxury goods
style and fashion men's fashion
style and fashion personal care
style and fashion street style
style and fashion tattoos
style and fashion women's fashion
technology and computing artificial intelligence
technology and computing augmented reality
technology and computing computing
technology and computing consumer electronics
technology and computing robotics
technology and computing technological innovation
technology and computing virtual reality
television animation TV
television children's TV
television comedy TV
television drama TV
television factual TV
television holiday TV
television music TV
television reality TV
television science fiction TV
television soap opera TV
television special interest TV
television sports TV
travel travel accessories
travel travel locations
travel travel preparation and advice
travel travel type
video gaming console games
video gaming eSports
video gaming mobile games
video gaming PC games
video gaming video game genres

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