Targeting Categories

The Categories field in Marketplace refer to what type of site categories you wish to target. Sites are manually categorized using the IAB taxonomy.

If you are experiencing issues getting impressions when using category targeting you can:

  1. Try broadening your category selection. Assigning more categories to your ad set will increase the reach of your ads.
  2. Try to boost the CTR of your ad by testing alternative images or headlines for your ad creatives. If you are running CPC campaigns, CTR is important for the priority of your ad.
  3. Try to increase the price. Detailed targeting means fewer available impressions. By increasing your price your ad will gain higher priority and win more of the available impressions.

How to use categories

On ad set level in Marketplace you will find the Categories field in the Targeting section. Simply select what categories you wish to target.

In the detailed campaign report you will be able to observe what article categories your campaign performed well on.

If you start to run into issues with the reach (number of impressions) you can try broadening number of selected categories until you find a good balance.

Continue to observe performance of categories and experiment with new categories from time to time.

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