Targeting Article Categories

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The Categories field in Marketplace refer to what type of article categories you wish to target. Articles are automatically categorized using a superset (extended version) of the IAB taxonomy.

The Categories field support the top 2 levels of the 5 level deep IAB taxonomy meaning that you can target e.g. Sports (level 1), Extreme sports (level 2) but not Climbing (level 3).

Currently we limit the taxonomy to 2 levels as targeting on a lower levels give you very limited reach. If you are experiencing issues getting impressions when using category targeting you can:

  1. Try broadening your category selection. Typically using more top level categories will increase the reach of your ad.
  2. Try to boost the CTR of your ad by testing alternative images or headlines for your ad creatives. If you are running CPC campaigns, CTR is important for the priority of your ad.
  3. Try to increase the price. Detailed targeting means fewer available impressions. By increasing your price your ad will gain higher priority and win more of the available impressions.

How to use categories

On ad set level in Marketplace you will find the Categories field in the Targeting section. Simply select what categories you wish to target.

We recommend that at least your first campaign starts out without targeting any categories. In the detailed campaign report you will be able to observe what article categories your campaign performed well on.

After a couple of days you can start narrowing down to e.g. the top 10 first level categories.

If reach continues to be good after another couple of days you can limit the campaign to even fewer categories, e.g. by starting to select from second level categories.

If you start to run into issues with the reach (number of impressions) you can try broadening number of selected categories again until you find a good balance.

By the time you are setting up your second campaign you will have a good idea of what article categories work well for you and you can target those categories even from the start of the campaign. Continue to observe performance of categories and experiment with new categories from time to time.

Supported languages

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

Supported categories

Category Level 1Category Level 2
automotiveauto body styles
automotiveauto buying and selling
automotiveauto insurance
automotiveauto parts
automotiveauto recalls
automotiveauto rentals
automotiveauto repair
automotiveauto safety
automotiveauto shows
automotiveauto technology
automotiveauto type
automotivecar culture
automotivedash cam videos
automotiveroad-side assistance
books and literatureart and photography books
books and literaturebest-sellers
books and literaturebiographies
books and literaturechildren's literature
books and literaturecomics and graphic novels
books and literaturecookbooks
books and literaturee-books
books and literatureessays
books and literaturefiction
books and literatureliterary awards
books and literaturemythology
books and literaturepoetry
books and literaturereference books
books and literaturetextbooks
books and literaturetravel books
books and literatureyoung adult literature
business and financebusiness
business and financeeconomy
business and financeindustries
careerscareer advice
careerscareer planning
careersjob search
careersremote working
careerstemporary agencies
careersvocational training
educationadult education
educationart history
educationcollege education
educationearly childhood education
educationeducational assessment
educationhomework and study
educationlanguage learning
educationonline education
educationprimary education
educationprivate school
educationsecondary education
educationspecial education
events and attractionsamusement and theme parks
events and attractionsawards shows
events and attractionsbars and restaurants
events and attractionsbeauty contest
events and attractionsbusiness expos and conferences
events and attractionscasinos and gambling
events and attractionscinemas and events
events and attractionscircus
events and attractionscomedy events
events and attractionsconcerts and music events
events and attractionsfan conventions
events and attractionsfashion events
events and attractionsfestival
events and attractionshistoric site and landmark tours
events and attractionsmalls and shopping centers
events and attractionsmuseums and galleries
events and attractionsmusicals
events and attractionsnational and civic holidays
events and attractionsnightclubs
events and attractionsoutdoor activities
events and attractionsparks and nature
events and attractionsparty supplies and decorations
events and attractionspersonal celebrations and life events
events and attractionspolitical events
events and attractionsreligious events
events and attractionssporting events
events and attractionstheater venues and events
events and attractionszoos and aquariums
family and relationshipsbereavement
family and relationshipsdating
family and relationshipsdivorce
family and relationshipseldercare
family and relationshipsgay life
family and relationshipsmarriage and civil unions
family and relationshipsparenting
family and relationshipssenior living
family and relationshipssingle life
fine artart restoration
fine artcostume
fine artdance
fine artdesign
fine artdigital arts
fine artfine art painting
fine artfine art photography
fine artfine art sculpture
fine artmodern art
fine artopera
fine arttheater
food and drinkalcoholic beverages
food and drinkbarbecues and grilling
food and drinkcooking
food and drinkdesserts and baking
food and drinkdining out
food and drinkfast food
food and drinkfood allergies
food and drinkfood movements
food and drinkfrozen food
food and drinkhealthy cooking and eating
food and drinknon alcoholic beverages
food and drinkslow food
food and drinkvegan diets
food and drinkvegetarian diets
food and drinkworld cuisines
healthy livingchildren's health
healthy livingfitness and exercise
healthy livingmen's health
healthy livingnutrition
healthy livingsenior health
healthy livingweight loss
healthy livingwellness
healthy livingwomen's health
hobbies and interestsantiquing and antiques
hobbies and interestsarts and crafts
hobbies and interestsbeekeeping
hobbies and interestsbirdwatching
hobbies and interestsboats and watercrafts
hobbies and interestscigars
hobbies and interestscollecting
hobbies and interestscontent production
hobbies and interestsgames and puzzles
hobbies and interestsgenealogy and ancestry
hobbies and interestsinventors and patents
hobbies and interestsmagic and illusion
hobbies and interestsmodel toys
hobbies and interestsmusical instruments
hobbies and interestsparanormal phenomena
hobbies and interestsradio control
hobbies and interestssci-fi and fantasy
hobbies and interestssinging
hobbies and interestsworkshops and classes
home and gardengardening
home and gardenhome appliances
home and gardenhome entertaining
home and gardenhome improvement
home and gardenhome security
home and gardenhouse care
home and gardenindoor environmental quality
home and gardeninterior decorating
home and gardenlandscaping
home and gardenluxury homes
home and gardenoutdoor decorating
home and gardenremodeling and construction
home and gardensmart home
medical healthcosmetic medical services
medical healthdiseases and conditions
medical healthhealthcare
medical healthmedical tests
medical healthmedicine
medical healthpharmaceutical drugs
medical healthsports medicine
medical healthsurgery
medical healthvaccines
moviesaction and adventure movies
moviesanimation movies
moviescomedy movies
moviescrime and mystery movies
moviesdocumentary movies
moviesdrama movies
moviesfamily and children movies
moviesfantasy movies
movieshorror movies
moviesindie and arthouse movies
moviesromance movies
moviesscience fiction movies
moviesworld movies
music and audioadult album alternative
music and audioadult contemporary music
music and audioalternative music
music and audioblues
music and audiochildren's music
music and audioclassic hits
music and audioclassical music
music and audiocollege radio
music and audiocomedy music and audio
music and audiocontemporary hits/pop/top 40
music and audiocountry music
music and audiodance and electronic music
music and audiogospel music
music and audiohip hop music
music and audioinspirational/new age music
music and audiojazz
music and audiooldies/adult standards
music and audioreggae
music and audioreligious music and audio
music and audiorhythm and blues/soul/funk
music and audiorock music
music and audiosongwriters/folk
music and audiosoundtracks, TV and showtunes
music and audiosports radio
music and audiotalk radio
music and audiourban contemporary music
music and audiovariety music and audio
music and audioworld/international music
news and politicscrime
news and politicsdisasters
news and politicsespionage and intelligence
news and politicsinternational news
news and politicslaw
news and politicslocal news
news and politicsnational news
news and politicspolitics
news and politicssociety
news and politicsweather
personal financeconsumer banking
personal financefinancial assistance
personal financehome utilities
personal financepersonal taxes
personal financeretirement planning
personal financesaving
petsanimal welfare
petsfish and aquariums
petslarge animals
petspet adoptions
petspet supplies
petsveterinary medicine
pop culturecelebrity deaths
pop culturecelebrity families
pop culturecelebrity homes
pop culturecelebrity pregnancy
pop culturecelebrity relationships
pop culturecelebrity scandal
pop culturecelebrity style
pop culturehumor and satire
real estateapartments
real estatedevelopmental sites
real estatehotel properties
real estatehouses
real estateindustrial property
real estateland and farms
real estatelow income housing
real estateoffice property
real estatereal estate buying and selling
real estatereal estate renting and leasing
real estateretail property
real estatevacation properties
religion and spiritualityagnosticism
religion and spiritualityalternative religions
religion and spiritualityastrology
religion and spiritualityatheism
religion and spiritualitybuddhism
religion and spiritualitychristianity
religion and spiritualityhinduism
religion and spiritualityislam
religion and spiritualityjudaism
religion and spiritualitysikhism
religion and spiritualityspirituality
sciencebiological sciences
sciencesocial science
shoppingchildren's games and toys
shoppingcomparisons engines
shoppingcoupons and discounts
shoppingflower shopping
shoppinggifts and greetings cards
shoppinggrocery shopping
shoppingholiday shopping
shoppinghousehold supplies
shoppinglotteries and scratchcards
shoppingsales and promotions
shoppingsecond-hand market
sportsamerican football
sportsaustralian rules football
sportsauto racing
sportsbeach volleyball
sportscollege sports
sportsdisabled sports
sportsdog sled
sportsequine sports
sportsextreme sports
sportsfantasy sports
sportsfield hockey
sportsfigure skating
sportsgo kart
sportsice hockey
sportsice skating
sportsinline skating
sportsmartial arts
sportsolympic sports
sportspoker and professional gambling
sportsroll hockey
sportsroller skating
sportssports equipment
sportstable tennis
sportstrack and field
sportswater polo
style and fashionbeauty
style and fashionbody art
style and fashionchildren's clothing
style and fashiondesigner clothing
style and fashionfashion trends
style and fashionhigh fashion
style and fashionluxury goods
style and fashionmen's fashion
style and fashionpersonal care
style and fashionstreet style
style and fashiontattoos
style and fashionwomen's fashion
technology and computingartificial intelligence
technology and computingaugmented reality
technology and computingcomputing
technology and computingconsumer electronics
technology and computingrobotics
technology and computingtechnological innovation
technology and computingvirtual reality
televisionanimation TV
televisionchildren's TV
televisioncomedy TV
televisiondrama TV
televisionfactual TV
televisionholiday TV
televisionmusic TV
televisionreality TV
televisionscience fiction TV
televisionsoap opera TV
televisionspecial interest TV
televisionsports TV
traveltravel accessories
traveltravel locations
traveltravel preparation and advice
traveltravel type
video gamingconsole games
video gamingeSports
video gamingmobile games
video gamingPC games
video gamingvideo game genres

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