Targeting Site Types

We bundle specific types of sites into a targeting criteria named... you guessed it, Site Types!

Site Types makes it easy for you to limit your Ad Set to a subset of the Strossle publisher network. Instead of having to go through an endless list of sites and placements to find suitable targets for your Ad Set, Strossle has done all the segmentation work for you, allowing you to focus on selecting what Site Types that are right for you.

What is the difference between Site Types and Categories?

In some of our markets it is possible to target specific article categories. Targeting on article category is more granular than targeting on Site Types, allowing you to limit your Ad Set specifically to e.g. articles written about Soccer, no matter if the article was published on a news site or a lifestyle magazine site.

Read more about Categories: Targeting Article Categories

In contrast, Site Types focuses on entire sites and the target audience of those sites rather than individual articles. Site Types are manually curated bundles of sites and placement, created with all our knowledge of our publishing partners in mind.

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Targeting Categories

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