Introduction to Manager

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Access and permissions are managed through a service we call Strossle Manager. Manager is built around two key concepts; groups and users.

Groups can own widgets (placements on websites), campaigns (advertisement on websites) but also other groups (child groups).

Users are individuals who are connected to one or many groups and thereby granted access to the properties (such as widgets or campaigns) belonging to a group.

Groups are structured in a hierarchy

Most often you only need a single group. All users part of your team, all widgets and all campaigns you own can be connected to this single group.

Sometimes however, you'll find that you want to manage access to specific properties more granularly, e.g. only allowing users access to widgets related to a specific website or campaigns related to a specific advertiser.

This is why it is possible to create child groups; groups that can have its own set of users, its own widgets and its own campaigns.

Users with access to the top level group are able to manage properties of all of its child groups. Users connected to the child group are only allowed to manage properties owned by the child group itself.

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