Elements of an article recommendation

Each article recommendation in our widget is built up from the following elements:


The default length of titles (headlines) in an article recommendation is 60 characters (including blank spaces). This maximum length can however be changed for every widget individually.

If the article title exceeds the limit, it will be truncated and three dots (...) will be appended to the title, e.g. "This is what a truncated title looks like...".

The article title is usually collected from the meta tag og:title on your page.


A content recommendation can optionally include a description (preamble, lead text) giving the reader more information on what the article is about. This description is by default limited to 60 characters (including blank spaces). Just like with titles, the description will be truncated with three dots (...) appended if it reaches the character limit.

The article description is usually collected from the meta tag og:description on your page.


The body text (the full article text) is not being shown in the widget. In order to recommend ads suitable for the context and to be able to recommend the article on relevant placements we collect and analyze the body text.


We only recommend articles that contain an image.

The article image is usually collected from the meta tag og:image on your page.

Publish date

By default our widgets show content that has been published during the last 45 days. This can be changed on request.

The article publish date is usually collected from the meta tag article:published_time on your page.


Optionally we can collect the name of the section where the article belongs to. The section name can be used e.g. to include a section label on the article recommendation, showing what section the article originated from.

The section an article belongs to is usually collected from the meta tag article:section on your page.

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