How do I prevent Widgets from displaying the same recommendations?

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Widgets implemented directly on the page communicate with each other and are able to prevent the same ad recommendations and editorial content recommendations from being shown on more than one placement.

You do not have to do anything to enable this feature, it happens automatically.

When you implement Widgets through iframes, i.e. by letting your ad server load the Widget, the communication breaks. Hence, when implementing Widgets through iframes, chances are that the same recommendations you see in one of the Widgets are repeated in other Widgets of the page.

The same is true if you implement one Widget directly on the page and another Widget through an iframe. This will break communication between the two Widgets as they are loaded in different environments, hence, the same recommendation can be displayed in both Widgets.

How can I prevent duplicates when multiple widgets on my page are loaded through iframes?

You can pass a page session ID (i.e. a UUID such as 42a5001f-26ce-4d98-a987-694dd79266ef) to the iframe and on to the widget configuration. By doing so we will be able to tell what article and ad recommendations that was already displayed on the page and thereby return other recommendations instead.

strossle('_YOUR_WIDGET_ID_', '.strossle-widget', {
pageSessionId: '_UNIQUE_PAGE_SESSION_ID_',
<script async src=""></script>

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