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Using your own impression pixel

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Strossle always measure impressions for your ad, still you might want to track impressions yourself as well e.g. in cases where you want to collect impressions from all your advertising channels in a single location.

For this purpose we support third-party impression pixels. If you would like to use more than one impression pixel that will work too.

There is no need to include any HTML markup when you set up your impression pixel, simply using the URL will work just fine.


Wrong: <img src="[timestamp]">

Impression pixels are triggered when your ad is visible

We only append the impression pixel to the ad once the ad is visible to the user. This means that all the impressions your impression tracker will record actually comes from users seeing your ad.

You can record additional data using your impression tracker

We support macros in the impression tracker URL. A macro is simply a placeholder that we automatically replace when your impression pixel is loaded. If you provide an impression pixel looking like this:[timestamp]

We will automatically append the timestamp of when the ad was being displayed making the actual impression URL looking something like this:

Did you see how the [timestamp] macro was replaced with an actual timestamp?

Supported macros

We support two macros:

  • [timestamp] - time of the ad being displayed to a user
  • [hostname] - domain where your ad was being displayed

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