Ad Creative Optimization

Click-through-rate (CTR) is important to successfully compete for impressions (when you run Ad Sets with a set click volume).

By optimizing on CTR a majority of the impressions of an Ad Set will be allocated to the best performing Creative based on CTR performance.

You can automatically have the system optimizing CTR of an Ad Set by enabling Optimization on Ad Set level in Marketplace.

How does the Creative optimization work?

All Creatives are continuously being tested to determine CTR levels. Once a Creative reach around 1,000 impressions the engine start to optimize. The best performing Creative will receive around 80% of the impressions while the remaining 20% are split across the rest of the Creatives. Typically the second best performing Creative will receive a larger chunk of the remaining impression but this varies; in many cases the remaining 20% of impressions will be split almost evenly. Once an hour the CTR performance of Creatives are being recalculated and the best performing Creative will be assigned the majority of the impressions for the upcoming hour.

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