Testing the widget in your test environment

You can use a test environment to test the widget, but the widget tags must be placed in both the test and the live environment. This is necessary for us to collect articles from your live site.

You can however hide the widget in your live environment until your tests are done. This is done by adding <style=”display:none”> to the div tag.Follow the steps below to test the widget before you publish it.

  1. Insert the tags you received from us on your live site.
  2. Put style="display: none" on your div tag to hide the widget on the site, like in this example:
    <div data-spklw-widget="widget-1234567890” style=”display:none”></div>
  3. Add the same tags in your test environment, without style="display: none"
  4. Contact us on support@strossle.com to get your widget designed and activated.
  5. We will contact you when we have finished step 4 and the widget will load on your test page.
  6. When you feel satisfied with the appearance and performance you just remove style="display: none;" from the div tag on your live site.

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Testing the widget on a live site