Prioritization of House Ads

This article describes prioritization of House Ads. It is not possible to change priority of regular ads. You can read more about how regular ads are prioritized in Prioritization of Ad Sets.

It is possible to assign different priorities to your House Ads. Priority options are available on Ad Set level and you can chose between:

  • High
  • Normal (default option)
  • Low

What priority level should I use?

We recommend using Normal as often as possible. When using this priority, the Ad Set generating the most revenue per impression will get priority (Ad Sets are prioritizes based on eCPM).

Sometimes you might have a campaign that does not pay as good at the moment, but is still of very high importance to you. In such situations you can set priority High instead. Ad Sets on priority High are always prioritized above Ad Sets on one of the lower priorities.

If you have multiple Ad Sets on priority High, delivery is determined by the volume to be delivered, e.g. if Ad Set A is set to deliver 100,000 impressions and Ad Set B is set to deliver 50,000 impressions then Ad Set A will be displayed twice as often as Ad Set B.

Ad Sets on priority Low are only shown when no Ad Set on the higher priority levels are available (e.g. if none of the Ad Sets on the higher priority levels are in need of more impressions at the moment). Priority Low is typically used for backfill campaigns and these Ad Sets are optimized based on eCPM just as with the Normal priority. This means that an Ad Set with priority Low and a high eCPM will always be prioritized over an Ad Set on the same priority level having a lower eCPM.

You can read more about eCPM prioritization in Prioritization of Ad Sets.

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