Ad Specification



Image size 1200px x 627px



Max length 115 characters



Max length 125 characters

Brand name


Max length 40 characters



Not supported

Third-party impression pixels are supported

You are free to use your own impression pixels (i.e. .gif, .png and .jpg) to measure impressions. The pixels will be rendered on the page once our criteria for a viewable impression has been met.

Read more about how we measure viewable impressions.

Third-party JavaScript trackers generally not supported

We do not support JavaScript trackers (i.e. for the purpose of measuring view-ability). There is however two exceptions to this rule:

  1. Use of MOAT JavaScript impression trackers
  2. Use of IAS JavaScript impression trackers

Avoid text, logotypes and icons in images

Strossle inventory is customised to fit the look and feel of each individual publisher website. In some cases that means that the image ratio needs to be adjusted to fit custom requirements from a publisher.

Strossle will handle resizing of images automatically when needed. This is possible by focusing on faces or other relevant objects in the image and crop the edges of the image to fit the image ratio of the publisher.

When using text, logotypes or icons in your images there's a risk that part of the image will not be visible on some placements. Hence, we recommend that you avoid using content such as text, logotypes and icons in your images. Always keep your text to the title or description assets.

Avoid using line breaks in the body text

Good (works)

This is the body text.

Bad (won't work)

This is the
body text.

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