To allow Strossle selling ad placements within the Strossle widget programmatically you must include the following record in Ads.txt of your site:, 2245, RESELLER

Notify your Strossle representative once your Ads.txt have been updated, this will allow Strossle to include your site in RTB auctions.

Contextual only

Inventory sold through the Strossle widget on a real-time bidding basis leverage context, i.e. what site the reader is on, what article is being read, characteristics of the article, etc.

Strossle does not support selling user data i.e. through cookie syncing/cookie matching. When consent is granted, imprecise location down to city level and device type, i.e. mobile or desktop will be shared with the buyer. User IDs and similar user data is not collected by Strossle nor shared with buyers.

Since no user ID is set and no other cookies are stored on the device of the user, certain features such as frequency capping will not be available to the buyer.

To learn more about buying inventory programmatically through Strossle, see our Ad Specification guide for advertisers.

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