Finding and using fonts for your widget

Finding the right font

To find which font to set for your widget, you can use different font finder add ons or the browser inspect functionality.

An example of such tools is the browser extension Font Finder.

With Font Finder you can point and click on the area of the website that you would like to copy the font settings from.

Using the font in your widget

After you have found which font to use, you can copy it and place it directly on the corresponding fields in Factory.

Note :

Note that the preview of the widgets in Factory does not always reflect how the widget fonts will appear. However, the widget will be displayed correctly when implemented on the page as long as the font that you have set is uploaded.

Video tutorial

In the video tutorial we will work with an example widget that we will assume is created for the website We will find the right fonts to use from and use the right settings in our example widget.

Watch the tutorial

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