Introduction to Ad Sets

On ad set level you define settings for your ad, e.g. targeting, budget and schedule. Each campaign can have multiple ad sets, e.g. if you wish to set different prices depending on article category or if you wish to use different ad creatives for desktop and mobile traffic.

Each ad set can in turn consist of multiple ad creatives (look and feel of your ads).

Targeting fields


Name of your ad set, simply there to make it easier for you to distinguish between different ad sets.


The language field determines what sites your ad will show up on, e.g. if you select Swedish your ad will only show up on sites written in Swedish.

The language of your ad must always match the language of the sites you are targeting.


Categories determine on what type of article pages your ad will show up. Targeting e.g. Luxury Homes means that your ad will be targeted primarily to articles written on this topic.

We support close to 400 article categories divided into two levels. A general recommendation is to start broad, either targeting all categories or at least a few of the high level categories to ensure your ad is able to reach enough people.

Read more about article categories: Targeting specific article categories

Site Types

Sometimes you might only want to reach sites with a specific type of audience, this is where site types comes in handy. Examples of site types can be anything from news sites, blogs or sites with an audience primarily consisting of young people.

We provide different types of site types depending on what language your ad set has been set to. Make sure to check out the site types list to determine if one of the options suit your requirements.

Read more about Site Types: Targeting Site Types


When you need to limit your ad to specific locations you will find the geolocation setting valuable. You can select one or many locations divided on 3 different levels:

  • Country
  • State (region)
  • City


Device targeting allows you to reach your audience on specific types of devices. You have 3 options to chose from:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

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