How can I use a preamble for my v2 widgets?

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How can I use a preamble for my v2 widgets?

For all default templates you can use a preamble for your posts.

Default templates : 

  • Default horizontal
  • Default horizontal - Mobile 2 cols
  • Default sidebar
  • Default sidebar images right
  • Default text on top
  • Default text on top - Mobile 2 cols

Please note that for it to work the preamble needs to be scraped when we fetch articles else they will not show up even if you have set it up in the widget. In the widget preview preambles are always available since we are showing dummy content but this may not be the case if the scraper is not fetching the preamble field for the source you have specified.

There are three possible placements for the preamble in the widget exactly as for the ad label. Those are : 

  • on the image 
  • above the title
  • below the content 

of each post. Currently the preamble is hidden so you need to enable it through the Additional CSS field. 

To enable on image preamble : 

display : inline-block;

To enable above title preamble : 

display : inline-block;

To enable below content preamble : 

display : inline-block;

You can also use the same classes to change the look and feel of the preamble.

Below you can find some examples:

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