Do you use other methods than cookies for storing or accessing information on a user's device?

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We use localStorage for storing and accessing information on a user's device. We do not use cookies.

How can users prevent data from being stored or accessed from localStorage?

Strossle is a registered TCF v2.0 vendor and part of the TCF v2.0 Global Vendor List (Strossle International AB, Vendor ID 851). We only store and/or access information on a user's device when the user has granted us consent to do so.

In addition to requiring consent, we do not store or access any information on a user's device in case the browser setting Do Not Track has been enabled.

What information is stored and accessed from localStorage?

uid. A user ID set by Smart AdServer. To avoid storing any information related to an individual user on our servers we store this information in localStorage. In conjunction with a valid consent string the user ID is included in our ad calls to Smart AdServer handling the provided user ID according to the provided consent string.

We do not use the Smart AdServer user ID to store information about users, build personal ad profiles or target individual users with personalized advertising.

At Strossle we are building advertising solutions bases on contextual data such as article topics, site context and placement information.

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